Do you love exercising, but back pain is stopping you from doing what you love? Don’t let that happen. Undoubtedly, some of the best exercises you can do if you have back pain include the following:

Core strengthening exercises: A stable and strong core is an essential part of your spinal health. It helps your body maintain an upright posture, preventing it from exerting excessive pressure on the spine. Examples of core exercises include abdominal exercises, wall sits, bridges, and pelvic tilts.

Stretching: Together with core stability and strengthening exercises, stretching can work marvelously when it comes to dealing with a bad back. If you are experiencing pain in your low back, stretching your glute, quad, and hamstring muscles reduces pressures on your back, resulting in pain relief. The best approach is to begin with, simple and light stretches and increase the intensity gradually.

Cardio exercises: Your back pain exercise program can only be complete if it includes cardio activity. You don’t need to go big on this one, as a brief session of low-impact exercises a day would be enough to improve your heart health and resolve your back pain issue. Examples of cardio activities in this regard include fast-paced walking and water aerobics.

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