While exercise is the best remedy for a bad back, not all types of exercise are good for your back pain. Remember, exercises are meant to stabilize and strengthen your core, flex your muscles, and reduce your back pain. However, if your workouts are only worsening your back pain, then there is something you’re not doing right. This article highlights the don’ts during a workout program for back pain.

Don’t stretch before warm-up: Your body muscles need preparation before stretching. Warming up puts them in a perfect condition for stretching.

Don’t start big: When getting started with your workout program for back pain, it is advisable to start small and slowly grow into the game. This will allow your body to adjust to changes without experiencing any radical impact.

Don’t skip workout sessions: Exercising regularly is the key to the best results. Skipping your exercise sessions is like skipping your medication, and this will definitely affect the end results.

Don’t lift heavy objects: Having a back pain means that your spine is already punching above its weight in terms of the pressure it can withstand. Hence, lifting heavy objects only adds more weight to your spine, rendering your exercise efforts futile.

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