Together with the likes of the brain and the lungs, the heart is one of the most important organs of your body. Talk of any heart problem, and you’re sure to send shivers down the spine of anyone around you. Given the importance of this organ, it is understandable why heart health has to be a priority for any human being. If paired with a healthy diet, exercise is one of the best remedies for heart disease.

Yes, Exercise Matters When It Comes to Fighting Heart Disease

Your heart is purely made up of muscle, and like any other muscle, the heart muscle needs exercise to stay in top form and function properly. As you may already be aware, failure to put muscles to use renders them weak and unhealthy, and the opposite is true. Exercise makes the heart muscles more flexible and strong, making it possible for the organ to effectively pump blood throughout the body. As you exercise regularly, the flexibility of your blood vessels also improves. This results in optimal blood pressure and improved blood flow.

Inactivity Is Dangerous

A sedentary lifestyle has been proven to be one of the causes of heart disease, alongside smoking, high levels of cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other factors. That is why exercise should be part and parcel of your life, whether you have heart disease or not. Staying inactive for an extended period of time is not only a risk factor for heart disease but also other conditions, including obesity.

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