Staying active is a giant step towards living a healthy life. When it comes to heart health, exercise acts as fodder for the heart; it keeps heart-related conditions at bay. Without exercise, you are at risk of heart problems, such as heart disease and high blood pressure, no matter how healthy your diet may be. And that is not all, as lack of physical activity could also lead to other life-threatening conditions, including obesity. If you want to steer clear of heart problems, and hopefully you do, then the following three exercises should be on your workout program.

Strength or resistance training: This works by helping the body to burn excess fat, which is actually a potential cause of heart disease. Resistance training also tones muscles, leaving them lean and healthy. Examples of resistance training include squats, push-ups, and weight lifting.

Aerobics: This is meant to boost circulation and keep the heart functioning at an optimal level. It also improves heart rate and keeps blood pressure in check. Aerobic exercise covers such things as rope jumping, cycling, swimming, running, and walking.

Flexibility exercise: This basically refers to stretching. While this may not affect your heart directly, it renders your muscles flexible so that they can stand resistance and aerobic training.

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